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Servants for His Kingdom was founded in 2022 by Eric Payne to support the needs of our brothers and sisters left with little hope. Eric dedicated his life to missionary discipleship after a spiritual awakening opened his heart to the spiritual needs of this world. Eric gave away his earthly belongings and desires to take up the Great Commission and devote his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Eric began his journey in Kentucky after the Dawson Springs tornado disaster in 2021 left thousands without food and shelter. He then was led into the front lines of the war in Ukraine and has helped deliver over 200 tons of food and supplies into the heart of the battlefield. The Servants for His Kingdom team was formed in support of the devotion of love and dedication to those oppressed and left without hope.

Phone: (910) 420-9440
Mailing Address: 495 E Hedgelawn Way, Southern Pines, NC 28387

Our Team


Eric Payne

Founder and Director of Operations


Elizabeth Druther

Product Manager


Joseph Druther

Missions Director


Jason Trudell

Executive Director

Our Goals

Ensure the basic needs of shelter, food, water, health, and spiritual well-being are met.

Support the local churches and make disciples in areas devastated by conflict and disaster

Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those most affected by conflict and disaster

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